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the language of the Art

creazioni in pelle

Creativity and experience

Corium was founded in 1995 by the passion and experience of people who always loved elegance and refinement of details. Since then, skilled hands has braided leather and many different materials to create an exclusive pattern recognizable all around the world. Over time, we grew up, but nothing has changed in our way of working: weavings are still being designed by our creativity. Each piece is unique, able to convey the wearer with the unequivocal message of a “Made in Italy” that only knows quality and value’s language.

"I remember the early days when it was normal to sit and twist leather straps to create a belt. Mechanized production existed, but it didn’t belong to our entrepreneurial philosophy, here in the small Valdelsa of artisans. Then, as always happens, the timing and methods have evolved and led to increasingly competitive production, though we had already realized that competitiveness lies in the true value of the object ... in its uniqueness.

So we've created CORIUM:
In order to achieve a flawless product with selected raw materials and a unique design.
But we also wanted it to be special, and every single item to be the result of a skilled craftsmanship that has made us famous.
We wanted CORIUM to be synonymous of lovingly preserved traditions.
Yes, we longed for CORIUM because we love our job, our land and the art that has always born out of it. "

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